rediffbol-prpl is a Rediffbol plugin for libpurple, the backend that runs many well known open source messenger clients, including Pidgin, Adium etc.

The latest release of rediffbol-prpl uses the official RBol protocol, thanks to the reverse-engineering done by Binu Paul, who wrote Rtalk.

Download it while its hot!

The latest release we have is 0.3.1, released on 20th September 2009. Download it now. Feel free to report bugs and/or feature requests on the project page.

So what works?

What does not work [yet].

Help me!

You're welcome as a developer on this project! I would be grateful if you can compile this on Windows, or maintain packages for Linux distros.

You can clone the git repository using git clone git:// I'll be more than happy to give you write permissions if you want it for a good reason.


Arnold Noronha: arnold AT cmi DOT ac DOT in. You're welcome to add me as a buddy on RediffBol, my id is arn_2000 AT rediffmail DOT com. I blog here.

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Other RediffBol Clients and Acknowledgements

Rtalk is a Java based RediffBol client written by Binu Paul (binu_paul AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net).

In fact, rediffbol-prpl would not have been possible if not for all the help and clarifications that Binu had given me! Also can't do without acknowledging the amazing work done by the libpurple and pidgin teams!